SKU: 700.954.29
The video card is Used, and its appearance is only for reference. The above specifications are automatically generated by the system and are only for reference.

Warm Tips: Dear buyers, thank you for your coming, before you shop, please check this message.
1. Graphics card chip warehouse randomly issued, do not accept the specified chip.
2. This a used graphics card, So the product appearance has slight scratches, before sending the product, we will simply clean the graphics card for stains and dust.
3. All graphics cards are tested several times (3DMARK and FurMark) before shipment to ensure that they are in good condition.
4. Due to batch differences, the appearance of the product you receive may not look the same as the product in the picture. For example, the painting pattern on the surface of the graphics card, and the position of the interface. Subject to change without notice.
5. Our product prices do not include customs duties, and we are not responsible for any customs-related fees.
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