DD4 ECC REG Server Memory

SKU: 700.954.29
Frequency: 2133Mhz/2400MhzMHz/2666MHz
Model Number: 4G/8GB/16GB/32GB
Type: DDR4
Condition: Refurbished

REG ECC RAM only for server or x99.
NOT for desktop motherboard!!

1 one year warranty
  • Fully tested factory with stable quality
  • In stock for fast delivery make sure
  • Free shipping (with the tracking number)

RAM only works on dual server board. It cannot work on the desktop.
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  3. This is used memory, Ram DDR4 Specification has 1R * 4 / 1R * 8 / 2R * 8 / 2R * 4, All memory is sent randomly. Not specified
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